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Distribution of Drinking Water

The village of Saint-Louis-de-Kent operates its drinking water installations under the W-194 operating agreement according to paragraph 8(1) of the Water Quality Regulation established under the Clean Environment Act.
The drinking water distribution system of Saint-Louis-de-Kent is supplied by two underground wells and ensures the distribution of drinking water to approximately 150 users connected to 2.7 km of pipes. 
Both of the distribution system’s pumping stations operate with sodium hypochlorite disinfection systems that are equipped with monitoring equipment.
Each pumping station is equipped with a 4,500 litre pneumatic reservoir.
The village of Saint-Louis-de-Kent calls upon the Analytical Services Laboratory of the Department of the Environment for all analyses provided for in its sampling plan. 
The municipality is currently preparing a plan to protect the catchment areas of its two wells with the cooperation of the Department of the Environment.

Annual Report in PDF (coming soon)

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