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The Acadian Flag

In 2009, to mark the 125th anniversary of the Acadian flag and to firmly establish its trademark, the village of Saint-Louis-de-Kent has erected a flagpole that flies the giant Acadian flag in the heart of the village.


Acadian flag and giant mast
Description of the physical characteristics


Measuring 9.1 meters (30 feet) high x 18.3 m (60 feet) wide
Made of high density nylon (200 denier)
Covered with a layer "Solar Max" to protect its shine
Weight 27.2 kg (60lbs)

Red: Pantone "Super warm red"
Blue: Pantone # 280 (blue)
Yellow: Pantone # 107 (yellow flag of the Vatican)

• Measures 39.6 m (130 feet) high
Diameter at the foot 76.2 cm (30 inches)
Diameter at the top 20.3 cm (8 inches)
Made of galvanized metal

Halyard (Halyard)
• Measures 1.58 cm (5/8 inch) thickness x 79 m (260 feet) in length
Made of galvanized metal
Powered by an electric winch

8 Bolts 6.35 cm (2 ½ inches) x 53.3 cm (21 inches)
8 metal rods 6.35 cm (2 ½ inches) x 1.8m (6 feet)
56.2 metric tons of concrete
3.4 m (11 feet 4 inches) depth
3.9m (13 feet) x 3.9m (13 feet) in size

Saint-Louis-de-Kent local points of interest: